Saturday, 29 November 2014

So let me introduce the band

So here we go with another blog about Dungeons and Dragons online and most people will go oh no not another blog. Well this one is going to be a little different as it is for the fun soloists who enjoy wilderness as well as dungeons. The point of view will also be a bit different as I am a mature (almost 50) player who is in a wheelchair so can put in way too much time if I wanted. I try not to over do it and usually limited myself to 20 to 30 hours a week. I am from the UK so my game time is likely to be when there are less people on. And I play on the Ghallanda Server.

So the real basics over here is the bits I find interesting, I am leader of a really, really small guild Clan Grouse which compromises of myself and a beautiful lady on the East Coast of the States. No we are not looking for other guild members because our guild messages can get a bit slushy! Now while there are only two accounts connect to the guild we have over 30 toons. Yep being on line too much does end up with me adding new character slots to do strange builds and so I now have 23 characters I am playing and two I use for test builds for new lives.

So at the moment I am concentrating on my 14th life Kukri wielding Assassin, okay he is only level 6 at the moment but I bashed out 13 lives going through all classes so I could use the completionist feat which has given me an early boost to my stats and that has helped the build. What I hope to share in the future is the aspects of the game that I enjoy. Which is not going to be what others enjoy as I have never run a raid nor do I craft. Thats the great thing about DDO though as I can play it my way and it is never wrong just a different approach.

In terms of toons I have 4 sorcerers one of whom is level 28 first life and one that is third life down at level 8. I have my characters for most situations and have every class although by choice you wont see me as a healer. I can do it but very very badly.  Not sure if or when I will get my assassin up to 20 so not even thinking about the future but I am so enjoying the build i might get through quicker than expected. However you will see in future posts me jumping to other characters and other builds, always willing to try something to see how it works but tried a hell of a lot of builds so far.

Finally people may wonder about the Grouse thing, well if you are from the UK you may get it straight away if I tell you my birthday is the glorious twelfth. So if you see me on Ghallanda you can invite me to join quests but I am use to soloing so please don't be offended if I say no and if I say I am waiting on a guildie we definitely won't be joining a PUG.

Happy slaying