Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Games People Play

The title today comes from the Alan Parson Project and the song includes the line where do we go from here now that the children are grown up which really applies to some of my toons. My guldie is busy for a few weeks with family so setting out the start of plans. So a new year and guess it is time to set some targets for 2016, I had the target of completing and keeping a completionist and working on my "supreme" Sorcerer but the first has been done and the second is on his last life before becoming that sorcerer.

So this year I want to do.....

Still in the pew,pew, pew phase but heading in the right direction
Take my completionist into his epic destiny, Grouseman the halfing assassin is probably going to need to work with other players once he gets a bit higher. Sneaking is fine in many situations but some need distractions and working with hirelings is a nightmare. So a dex based assassin dual wielding Kukris is not the best solo option but he does have fun when he gets behind people. This is his third rogue life along with the 15 other lives he has had so he should be successful in what he does.

Grousemerlin the supreme sorcerer has had his 3 wizard, 3 sorcerer and 3 favoured soul lives and is now on his third warlock life. Once he reaches level 20 I will park him until we see the racial bonuses of the new race Gnomes. Not sure if it will benefit me or not but once we know how Gnomes will work I can press forward with Merlin, originally I was certain he would be human but I will want a Gnome and want to see if there is Synergy between class and race.

Third on the list is Grouseconan, who has started his second life. The intention is Barb, Monk, Monk, Monk, Fighter, Barb, Fighter, Barb, Fighter and finally back to Barbarian. I intend to keep him as two handed fighting except for the monk lives, having tried THF with the first Monk life it just doesn't feel right so for the next two I will fight empty handed. Once the monks lives are completed I will be running with Falchions most of which I have already collected.
Sometimes you think just which tavern am I waking in this morning
Now Grousehel the cleric will work in line with my Guildie's Arlacay, so once she re-incarnates then Hel will as well but remain a cleric. Not my favourite class but just blasting through things like Misery Peak is a lot easier when at least one of you knows in which direction to run.

Dancing clerics, probably should be in a strait jacket
I will work on the two first lifers that were at cap bringing them through back to their cap and use them to test adventures and if necessary just blast through monster manual tasks. I haven't done epic Giant Hold or epic Three Barrel Cove so both will be targets for aiding my growth for the Monk and Sorcerer.

I could set more but that would turn the game from fun with goals to grind with PAIN so thank you very much and I will just carry on as is!
Happy Birthday Guildie, Loves Ya
Hope Everyone had a wonderful New Year and please be good to each other. But most of all is Happy Birthday to my Guildie.... Loves Ya