Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Monster Mash

Well been a few weeks but here is some more thoughts, a real blast from the past.
You can't kill what is already dead?
I want to discuss the monster manual which is a wonderful tool for recording just how much combat you go through and get rewards for doing so. And I have to say the bonus experience has become a wonderful way of adding character development. The problem is primarily getting some of the hunter kills as it requires variety rather than quantity. And when you consider the kills are only are only since the inception of the monster manual perhaps for me it tells me I have over done some quests and wildernesses.
I thought it would be more because of the Fens
The fact it also lists defeats reminds us that we are all prone to errors or over estimation of our abilities. Or in at least one case being left alone when answering the door. Now I was going to list everything in the monster manual and show just how many monsters I have killed but when the 5 images I am including in this blog entry lists over 150,000 kills you suddenly realise that someone has spent far too much time playing. The Monster Manual does record enough kills to make me realise I am spending more time in game than I am writing.
I feel sorry for the little guys
The rewards you earn from completing tasks in the Manual have become more than just a nice to have. Obviously there is the experience for completing tasks but there are other rewards that makes the manaul a very nice to have if you have VIP status but for those who have to buy the monster manaul the question of is it worth it is down to how much time you spend playing. Every reincarnation resets the personal targets so it is a gift that keeps giving in my mind but then I have done around 20 reincarnations of characters I still have. Rewards include mysterious remnants, turbine points, experience and cosmetic pets.
Okay so just how did I get to this many?
I guess everyone will have their own take on the value of the Monster Manuals but on a personal level seeing the number of bodies I have left all over the place it is worth having it. But I play every day and that is a reason I get value from the Manual. I would say though I felt a surprise when realising Hobgoblins were getting killed more often than Kobolds or Sahuagin.
I'll grind their bones to make my bread
Enjoy leaving bodies everywhere


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Fire and Ice

This it titled after one of my favourite songs by Pat Benatar and considering the fact that several weapons now do fire and ice damage so appropriate. So I was originally intending to write a piece about the Monster Manual but just as I was finishing getting screen shots up pops one of my favourite events with the winter Ice games. Aside from the fun I have on the speed skating track in the forgotten realms I have finally mastered the jumps for the coins in Stormreach harbour.
A selection of upgraded weapons... yes each has icy burst as well
Last couple of years I have done one or two weapon upgrades to festival icy burst but this year I have done a little bit more. So far I have managed 27 weapons upgraded, primarily scimitars, falchions and rapiers. I have charged a quarterstaff up with glaciation as well but just to 72, I was thinking of 78 but it would take the magic out of the reach of the guy I am upgrading it for.
With this many candy canes I am going to lose teeth
I did have a surprise when I discovered two invisible transporters in the harbour which has made my life a lot easier, both pop me back up close to the skate jump over the harbour. I am not sure if they are glitches or the devs' put them in to make their lives easier but I will say it has been a real bonus for me as the amount of time it has saved me has probably meant I could earn at least 20% extra in coins.
The Tavern Jump
I have had to spend some Plat to get extra recipes and strangely I was short of recipe 4 for a while but now I have enough for 2 more weapons to have festival icy burst and either a quarterstaff or a club to have a lower level of glaciation. As my water savant is still first life this will be a tremendous bonus for him increasing his power and preparing for his next life.
Winter coins are not too difficult to get
Finally an apology to my guildie.... I get excited on the skate track and shouldn't raise my voice just because you are going in the wrong direction with very little time. It is there for us to enjoy not to worry about motes.
Although sometimes running like a crazy halfling does work

Happy Skating

Grousemot doing the jumping
Grousefrost doing the water savant greedy