Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Laughing Gnome

And the Icon Bowie before he became famous has inspired me not just for a title for this piece but to use that wonderful gift Turbine gave us of a free additional character slot. I had actually bought a slot with the intention of building an Iconic completionist to go with my Heroic one and that plan at least has continued. So Grouseziggy has been created, however he is not yet a Gnome but is starting with as Bladeforged for his first life. It is something I want to do just because I can and I understand the active/passive benefits but hey it is about having fun. Certainly an illusionist focus with the Gnome will get me away from my evocation or necromancy focus that I seem to play all the time.
There may be an Art to this but my cure is a ton of bolts 
So as Ziggy is not a Gnome yet and obviously I have to have a Gnome immediately I decided to reincarnate Art the Artificer, boring name might get changed one day if I can find a suitable Gnome Artificer name to use. Anyway second life so 34 point build and so far seems to be fun, the grind through the first few levels wasn't too bad. I enjoy Kothos, not too challenging the sort of quests you want just before breakfast. I have to admit permablur is a wonderful addition to any character and given the fact Art is intelligence driven the overall abilities from picking locks to use Magic Device they are working pretty dang well. Already hit level 7 and probably in the next day or three will be level 8.
Ziggy played guitar but still looks like metal mickey
And as I had bought a character slot with the intention of going Iconic and turbine gave us a slot I had an additional character slot, which will be my second Paladin GrouseRoland. Now those with a European history background will know just why I named the character Roland, this will be a Two Handed combat solution rather than Sturm who is a bastard sword and tower shield. I do enjoy exploring all the different choices we have as players but given the fact there are so many options in builds this is just a taste in the options available. I prefer being a combat caster but given the variety of builds a cleave based paladin is going to be fun. I will run him at some point however the priorities for me are somewhat different.
Chanson de Roland? Big cleaver time
So at the moment Merlin is level 8, his next life will be his final heroic life as a sorcerer. Now this generates an issue as I have still not decided if he will go Earth or Air? 3 Sorcerer/3 Wizard/3 Favoured Soul/3 Warlock given all  this still not sure just which way to go. Conan who is only on his second life is Level 15 as a monk, he will eventually get back to being a barbarian but he is hard work and I seem to be dragging my heels with him rather than pressing on. Of course I should devote time to Ziggy but Iconic whilst fun is a lot of work and I want Conan moving forward along with Merlin before I dig myself further with other toons. Sometimes my willingness to explore concepts is a pain because I end up with characters that I want to play that do not get the time they deserve. Mouser, Tut and Tanis should all be moving a
lot faster but they are currently stuck and I need to focus.

So apart from when running with my Guildie who has things going on in her life at the moment that mean I miss her very VERY much I am going to focus on Conan and Merlin. I have enough tokens of the twelve for them to reincarnate once each before I have to go back to Devils Assault. The plans within plans are there but I have so much to do with 27 toons and perhaps I may have over extended myself but what the heck it is fun.