Monday, 20 June 2016

It's My Life

I thought I had used this previously but it seems not so a chance to use one of my favourite songs of all time as a title. I have seen Bon Jovi a few times and I have been avoiding using his songs as blog titles. But today I want to talk about the slow growth of Merlin in his 13th life and the changes to Ziggy as I have finally got round to using a tome of him. I play one or two other games and a guy I tlaked to use to play as a Sorc but stopped years ago so tempering this to encourage him to come back and making things simple(ish). Draylis if you are reading this hope it helps bro.
So Grouseziggy the Iconic bladeforged, for those who are new to the game or have been away for a while this is a warforged paladin who as an Iconic character starts at level 15 fully equipped to jump straight into adventures. There are several different iconic characters and Ziggy will play them all before finishing as a Gnome wizard, but today I was doing a clearout of my mule/bard/hagglebot and working through the tomes I have and who needs what. Well Ziggy hasn't got much play time recently but I am hoping that I can give both him and Merlin more time even though I will need to reduce the time in other games. Digging through the mule I found 2 +5 supreme tomes that I got some time ago but as I haven't used the Bard I sort of neglected. Well Ziggy has grown a bit thanks to the tome and it's value for future lives is going to make me a happy boy.
Post Tome
And the other toon out of my 27 that I am devoting time to at the moment is GrouseMerlin, air savant which means he specialises in electrical and sonic spells which is you look at the spells on my hotbar is what I use, I have frost lance as a back up which will work well when I use the options in the enhancements to take water as my secondary specialisation. The neat thing about this choice is I will have feather falling as a enhancement from the air savant tree and as I will take the water savant as a second option I will also get water breathing. Given the cost of equiping those items and the freeing up of equipment slots benefits me greatly. Having run redwillows for the first time in this life wioth Merlin and a hireling cleric and just spamming the spell electric loop you realise that it has become more effective with the power bonuses from the previous lives. It is oddly satisfying to just mash a group of giants so easily. Yes I am level 8 and the quest on hard is level 7 but I still take pleasure in how easy it has beome.
Re Willows with just a Hireling 
Red Willows with lots of dead bodies

Show the Power of tomes Used

Enhancements and not in the trouser department.

Prestige Enhancements will take time for people to get use to.

Now merlin has used a +4 supreme tome in the past so his power is that bit greater than he might have had but he really has become a great deal of fun just blasting away with one or two ultra effective spells and leaving bodies everywhere. Of course I will run into monsters that are resistant to electric but sonic and water spells should be able to cover the shortcomings. I have tried the various options and to me Air Savant is the most fun. Now I never run raids as I solo or run with my guildie (welcome home) and I am not an epic elite person, this is about fun, the moment it stops being fun I can't really see the point in playing. But till then It my Lives and I do enjoy them to paraphrase.

Happy Spell Spamming