Monday, 10 October 2016

Chain Gang (ddo Version)

So I feel like I have been back on the chain gang. Conan who will finish as a barbarian has just finished his third life which was his second as a monk. Normally not a problem but Conan by preference is working his way through lives doing two handed fighting. Which as a fighter or barbarian is fine but as a monk that really gives me one option.... quarterstaff. Also for some strange reason I have decided because of the two handed business Conan in my world will be a half Orc.
Last look at the Vale of Twilight for some time.
So 3.8 million experience is bad enough but when I finally get to level 20 I find I haven't topped up the tokens of the twelve so at least another 4 sessions grinding Devil's Assault which is fine normally but because I got power shards instead of tokens on a couple of occasions I had the choice run with a character I don't like or run it multiple times or add another day to the schedule. So given the time to acquire that much experience with maybe an hour to two most days devoted to ddo it has taken a few weeks to get here. I have been grinding on my own personal Chain Gang and Conan starts life 4 with his third Monk life.
Oh God Misery's Peak again
Because of how I am building it is easy to slip into building without thinking, which is how it felt starting this fourth life. At the present time I have got through the Korthos quests on hard including Misery Peak, the downside he is still level 3 and the quarterstaff that will take me through to level 10ish I can't use till level 4. So back to grinding out the harbour quests and even the Korthos quests for a while longer. Strange with some characters I can play and play and play but when the build feels wrong I have to force myself to keep on track. Quarterstaff and Half Orc feels nothing like Halfling using hand wraps. I love the dex builds for monks and I have been gritting my teeth for the last week or so to get to where I am.
Obligatory Dragon Selfie V1.
I must admit taking a break from Conan and working with one of my casters would be good but I really want to feel like I want to come back to conan and a build I dont like is not going to help so going to puch through this last life as a monk and then do the 3 fighter lives.
Dragon Selfie V2, show me the money
Hoping none of you are on a chain gang grinding through those lives you want but don't enjoy playing.

GrouseConan the Monk