Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Conan the Barbarian/Monk/Monk/Monk Nope Fighter

So finally through the final life as a Monk and it had become a chore that really dragged. Because I have decided to play through as a Half Orc, the monk is a challenge because of the best builds focus on the use of a quarterstaff and he just felt so slow versus a dexterity based monk and it felt like hard work which is probably what has slowed my game play and blogging. However I am now through the monk lives and to go forward I am spending the next 3 lives as a fighter and a falchion wielding Kensei will be a lot more fun as the build does feel more natural after the first couple of levels. Plus I already had some falchions that I had prepared that have festival Icy burst so I am often slaying with a single blow anything at level or below apart from oozes of courses.
Getting cold feet on Kothos
There was one issue that really annoyed me though. I had a bravery bonus going over 300 quests, for those reading this that are not familiar with with a bravery bonus it is when your first attempt at a quest you do it at hard or elite. In this case after 327 quest on hard I did information is the key on normal. Frustrating is the polite way of describing how I felt after realising what I had done entering on normal. Still Conan has 6 quests back on his hard bravery bonuses and has run around Tangleroot and is ready to level to 6 although as per usual I am power leveling.
Odd lights from the Cerulean Hills
I was going to write after Night Revels about the stuff I got but as a side note I picked up two cosmetic helmets, two cosmetic armours, a death smile and a silence of the tasty hams. Plus obviously quite a few Greater Mabar summons.
Conan in a Tangle
So we are sort of back on track and as a plus for needing to gather tokens of the twelve for some reason Grousemot has reached cap on his epic. So now I need plans for Motty and I am feeling both Heroic and Epic reincarnation and will be moving down that route when I finish Merlin and Conan or have got a long way towards the end.
One set from Night Revels and great fun against Undead
I have to say this one has taken more time to write than I expected but I had turned out half a book discussing the virtues of dexterity versus strength for a monk. And there are better blogs that consider monks much more in depths.

Happy Reincarnation