Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Be Yourself

Well this piece took it's own sweet time coming. Will admit to having a bad case of altitis recently and focusing on the characters that I am enjoying because of their multiple lives. However the past weekend's bonus days was on crafting which meant I picked up my crafter for the first time in a long time. And then went through the other 3 first lifers that will never see life beyond the one they are living. So let me introduce you to my little gang of 4.

Just hanging around
Grousesor who was my first character that I had any real affinity for, he is a level 22 Wizard. The original intention was to start out as a wizard and finish as a sorcerer, however that got side tracked with the "need" for me to buy more character slots. He is also intended to be my crafter. Which okay he has gone up 16 crafting levels over the weekend but I had a massive shortfall in essences. So I bought out 10% of the epic equipment that wasn't special named, and they turned the lot into essences. In total over the weekend I got through about 10,000 essecenses. So he will slowly grind through to 30 with the intention of being chief guild cratfer by focusing on unbound shards.
Devil's Assault? More a case of queue up and die
Next we have Grousefly level 30 Sorceror Air Savant. He could be much mnore powerful but that is for Merlin, this guy is the one I go to when facing a new quest etc and I want to learn it. I know him inside out and all the things he can and can't do. Which makes a massive difference in how he is played. Certainly he is my go to guy when I need tokens of the twelve. His fall back is water which means I have innate water breathing and feather fall from my savant abilities which frees up an equipment slot. I have on a couple of occasions though about a TR or even an ETR but I am really comfortatble with him as he is so going to stick with him as is.
I use to have friends till I found out they had pockets
Thirdly we have Grousesly level 28 Rogue with the acrobat abilities and he primarily uses quarter staff. He will be the guy I go to when learning a quest that is trap heavy. I want to know where the trap is and where the control panel is. Yes it spoils the fun of finding it using a toon as a bomb detector but it is more efficent. Strange thing is at the moment with the armour he wears he really looks like Garrett the Sainted hireling. He was created before I ever met Garrett but who is going to believe that lol. I am happy with the quarter staff he got years ago and he can clear out most things below 23 without any real help. Nice to see he out kill anyone in Devil's Assault.
Ahoy me hearties
Finally we have Grousemuse level 17 Bard, single weapon fighting. I don't much care for bards but he will be my chief mule and also the key seller of goods as he has a great(ish) haggle. Just slowly easing through the levels but with him I struggle sometimes even though I personally like the build but dislike the class. And there in lies the problem, he is more fun when I treat him as a swashbuckler rather than a bard. I have elected to go down the route of rapiers just because it seems more appropriate. Against the living he has next to no problem.... however the undead are a bit of an issue. Still when he finally caps I know where he will run for treasure and tokens of the twelve so not the worst issue.
This is a real case of photobombing

Some people just have to get in on the act

If I don't get round to blogging before Happy Holidays.