Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Skaters Waltz

A little bit of classical musical to play in my first blog of the year. I have been grinding my Barbarian through his fighters lives and he has reincarnated again having just finished his second fighter life on top of his 3 past monk lives. He will be going back to barbarian after this fighter life, reincarnation can be hard work. It does bring up a point that anyone who reads this and has a connection to the players council or Standing Stones when releasing new content stuff please provide stuff down the bottom end for lowbies it would be appreciated. Kobolds New Ringleader or Finding Arlos can only be run so many times before you start feeling you can run it in your sleep. I have 27 toons and I will be reincarnating 22 of them (yes one more is not going to be reborn). I have done Misery's Peak I can predict where to swing while looking at the tv.... low level content would really really be welcome by this player.

Lucky boy, I was so in shock that I had got them I forgot to picture them in the chest
Speaking of Conan and reincarnating had a bit of luck with a pair of low level boots from frostbite on Misery's Peak. he is the red named Ice Spider in there and got really lucky in the treasure department. Picked up a pair of feather falling boots which wont have mad much difference as I was off Kothos and had access to my TR (true resurrection) cache. But a pair of level 3 boots with speed III on them. Speed I would have been good but this blew me away. And not even master craftsman's work! So very grateful. And thanks to a nurse not turning up I have ground level 1 to level 3 in a day. Not too difficult if you know what you are doing, but now we hit the slow down and long haul back to level 20 for him.
This is getting to the silly stage
So the reason for the choice of music is the fact right now we have th winter games, jumping in the harbour and speed skating in Evening Star. Well already got all the weapons done that I want, unless an interesting weapon suddenly appears the 40 or so that I already have do will see my players well into next year. I am currently doing outfits with glaciation or cold resistance.... I want to leave a nice choice for my guildie as and when she needs new outfits. And it is remarkable amusing to watch on Skype as she suddenly realises she is going the wrong way. I just wish I had of got a screen shot of that.
Plenty to choose from for the alts
So I have particularly targeted weapons that already had burst or heartseeker or similar as an effect to add festival icy burst to. I focused primarily on falchions, scimitars, Kukris and rapiers for the +3 critical (dice roll 18 - 20) and will really benefit with the improved critical. So this has worked really well so far for my melee characters, the amount of damage I have been seeing at level 6 and 7 would impress me at level 12. I have level 4 weapons that are still being used at level 10 simply because I have nothing that will do more damage based on the build I chose. I was tempted to put 20 or so up for auction but realised with the new weapons I will not get better weapons in the future at least till sentitent and then I won't be able to add icy burst.

At this point I want to wish all the teams at Standing Stone all the best, personally I never played Ravenloft during pencil and paper days but a new expansion would be great. Instead of the Panther or Owl Bear how about a phoenix which will act as a cleric? Not another fighter type as it does tend to unbalance parties that I run "solo". I hope that a more compact organisation that is not a corporate stool pigeon should be better for us players. And whenever you arrange for devs to run things just remember that us in Europe often miss out.