Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Heroes, Saints and Fools

This is a chance to discuss the new race we are getting in the new DDO expansion, the Aasimar the descendants of a celestial or angels. Now I was intending to take a break until the new year with blogging but with the expansion guess there will be a lot to talk about. New quests and for me the thing I am looking forward to is a new wilderness, the backgrounds and imagery I hope will excite us all. Of course this is supposing you buy the expansions, me well I am a glutton for punishment and bought the ultimate on the day of release. And chose the title as the Aasimar could have good builds as each, the fool being the bard of course. So looking forward to the release on 5th December (last date I heard).

Before I start a basic discussion of the race just want to being up a couple of bonuses that I got buying the ultimate bundle. Firstly is way too much in the way of cosmetic armour, having 28 toons now I have 2 sets of cosmetics (armour and hat) for every character, considering the point cost of cosmetic items this is pretty generous if not a little boring after a while but I do have some characters using the outfits. Also as per the other expansions we have received the equivalent of a gold seal fighter (aka Animated Scarecrow) as a level 30 for end game and a level 10. For those of us who run short manned at the best of times this provides additional support.

Now as soon I got the chance I decided to at least try the Aasimar out and see how they perform, as there is a new Iconic with the expansion I went with the Tempest Ranger wielding light maces. This should see an increase in demand for light maces so lets hope the devs have added a few in the expansion. The racial bonuses seem to suit a combat divine so Cleric, Favoured Soul or Paladin look to be the preferred options which explains the choice of ranger as the two most suitable and available generally classes already have Iconics so can see why the choice of ranger.

One of the nice things about the Aasimar is that the choice of wisdom, charisma or strength in the core racial abilities certainly gives flexibility in builds so I am feeling a Paladin build might work well. However we are at the testing stage and it feels natural to test the variations which is why I am calling my Aasimar GrouseZiran. Firstly because of the meaning in Daoism of Self so which can be read as naturally or freely and secondly Ziran was the tester in the celestials in the marvel universe. Now I haven't made the Paladin yet and won't till I get my head around the racial abilities and where they fit with builds. I am tempted when I go back to working with GrouseSturm to plan as finishing as Aasimar rather than dragon born and it feels a better choice.

My cup runnenth over so to speak but I will talk more about the Iconic Ziran next time as I intend to test him in low level quests for favour and see if I can be comfortable with maces over blades. Certainly fits with my views on Paladins in that they should not try to shed blood so a mace may draw blood but is not designed to do so where a sword is.

Have fun in the Mists