Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Black Blade

So having had a weekend off the Mists I am heading back in and looking to try for an Sentient weapon. Having never played one in pen and paper this is completely new to me and I almost regret not having a slot available to create GrouseElric. And those who enjoy the fantasy books will know exactly who I mean and what this title refers to. However the characters I have at the top end of the game are limited as I have just reincarnated 3 characters and this might cause an issue for me getting a worthwhile sentient weapon especially as I don't raid. Probably means a trip or three to the auction house and a lot of luck. The idea of a sword talking back does has the sense of comedic value but the work to create a workable weapon means I will be very selective of who I aim to supply with a weapon like this.

Bigby better start making big signs for this maze.
Realistically it comes down to one character at the moment and he is down at level 13 on his 7th life. So the grind is going to me massive but as always the end product is the focus and is why I will put the hours in to get the weapon and abilities I want. Grouseconan is currently running his third fighter life and after this he will focus on 2 more barbarian lives then he will work his racial lives. I have kept him 2 handed weapons and so far the falchion is the weapon of choice. Looking at the options of weapons to make sentient it does seem limited and the "best choice" would be Windlasher although now debating if that should be the weapon of choice?
Thought there was a coffee shop up here.
I do wonder if any weapon will operate against the character if the alignment is wrong. A chaotic sentient jewel is not going to appreciate a Lawful good character, though how Standing Stone have programmed the function of the weapons versus alignment not sure if we will see effects like this as we go along. I would need to see a list of sentient jewels their function but at present this doesn't seem to be part of the design so just going to think about the how, where and why to get one. Looking at the time I will need to spend to get a jewel it may be a year or two before I get there. Yes at the moment sentient weapons are not going to change the game but thinking the Devs will want to have a serious conversation about alignment and using weapons. Maybe even a minimum requirement in will power as these weapons could overpower a weaker minded toon.
I left my fishing rod at home... regretting that now!
Quick run down of the weekend sees GrouseMerlin start life 13 and now he is working on his racial lives. GrouseYogi (he will end as a Bear Druid) start his second life, his first was Artificer as is his second, I hope to put some hours in so he can do his third Artie life before becoming a druid and working with Suzy (and anyone who knows the adult yogi bear song will figure this one out). Finally GrouseTanis is taking his second life, this time rather than tempest he will run as an Arcane Archer. Once I get Conan into his epic lives (he is only level 13) Grouseman can finish his epic lives and reincarnate epic and heroic and start his racial lives, nice that he has the completionist option to really make life easier.
3000 down just a few more to go.

Enjoying more of the Mists


Monday, 4 December 2017

Spectral Masquerade

Titled after a spooky little number, the only problem was finding the right choice out of so many.

So after running Ziran for several quest chains and hitting 400 favour I think I finally have a grasp on what I will be doing with my Aasimar. The intention is to run him as a Paladin while doing racial reincarnations but when doing class reincarnation I will probably not stick to Aasimar but go with different races best suited to the class I play. So whilst I have been playing around with the Iconic having two Iconic completionists seems overkill.
Just testing
However till I am ready to run Ziran I will use him to go with the name and test builds to see what works for Aasimar. Obviously the warlock class is not going to be one I play but there are so many options I am struggling to find time to play everything.
Not sure how celestial he is
Grousemerlin is ready for a racial reincarnation just a matter of deciding when I have the time and interest to drive him through the low level quests. And the same pretty much goes for GrouseYogi, he will finish as a bear form druid but I am pushing through 3 lives of artificer for the bonus, just a matter of do I go with racial reincarnation? However the right weekend bonus will see me take both characters into their next lives.
Favour run to test build, okay so far
Because I have focused on Yogi, my completionist has go on hold at level 27 (power leveled so 28 really). I will go back to working on him the moment Yogi is ready for his reincarnations. 27 characters is enough to keep anyone busy but I tend to stop with one and jump to another. I will be going back to my level 23 wizard at some point. He has been doing nothing but work on his crafting for the last 2 years which is scarily long.
Light maces? Not my usual choice so going to have to shopping me thinks
We see the launch of the Mist of Ravenloft expansion on the 5th (tomorrow) but it will be Wednesday before I go look at the new wilderness. And the strangest thing will be in a wilderness without a route. Wondering if I will get all the rares on day 1? Probably not but will be fun trying.

Finally I want to try the new Vistani Knife fighting class tree. I was always going to go with the ultimate pack so first reaction is halfling paladin following the blood of vol. No idea how feasible it is to have what I need out of it but certainly an experiment for Ziran in the near future.

Welcome to the Mist