Friday, 3 July 2015

The first of the three spirits The Pure Enlightened

Taking the title from a track by Riul Doamnei who is not someone I normal listen to but as I am talking about my Warlock life for my completionist it is appropriate, it comes from the heavy metal opera version of a christmas carol. Now I favour the Great Old Ones so far but this life rather than Soul Eater I chose Enlightened Spirit. And it has turned out a lot better than I expected. As the level rose so did the enjoyment.
I am walking on Sunshine (acid)
I am not going to tell how many hours I have put in but Grouseman has hit level 18 and is 19 but not 19. I won't be leveling him as I prefer to power level all my characters. I went to 18 as soon as I could though as I wanted to try Celestial Spirit and boy has it made the playing more fun. Sort of feel like Marty Mcfly on his hover board. It is strange how something as simple as the feel when moving on screen can change the experience whilst playing. I am not sure how this will stack when I get my Soul Eater to 18. Will the feel be any different? Better or Worse? But I am looking forward to it.
The path of hero, saint and fool
I have just moved into the Orchard and what has become a real bonus is being able to trigger Eldritch Burst and Spirit Blast which is very effective combo with the undead gathering round me. I have found Tahareh the Beholder an easy target for the blasts and as anti magic doesn't stop them you can continue attacking. I am thinking that once I am ready to reincarnate it will be difficult to go away from another life as a Warlock. But I have worked to equip for a rogue assassin.
Think once in a lifetime maybe a little inaccurate
But once I can TR I will probably hold off and go back to Merlin who is still 4 1/2 lives away from finishing his final build. Tough calls but lots of fun. Complete his current favoured soul followed by another Fvs life before 3 lives as a Warlock. Now that is scary, I know how fast I can level is I am enjoyed the character which should make the 3 Warlock lives easier but a life and a half as Fvs is grafting and grinding. I would normal say to hell with the bonus but if I want the ultimate Sorcerer than there is a cost to getting there.

Happy Pew Pewing



  1. I chose the Enlightened Spirit and can't wait to really get going with her.
    In your writing you do make the character hard to resist,, The magical powers together sounds very exciting and one I will surely enjoy..

    Thanks as always for your great tips and advice on characters, game play, etc etc.
    Looking forward to more playing ;-)

    1. The warlock is fun but as the powers grow you realise just how much damage you can do. With burst and blast you can clear ground rapidly. I am looking forward to epic devil assault to see how the power ramps into epic.

  2. I did listen to some of Riul Doamnei,, I am going to have nightmares all day ;-P

    1. Must remember to put a health warning on music choices lol.