Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Take No Rogues

So haven't been blogging for a while. Always a problem when I am not seeing my guildie on line, I do the daily play which is 30 to 40 minutes but I am not doing any more daily so when you are going through epic only doing 70k to 80k of experience each day slows the process. Don't know why having my guildie around encourages me to play more but the last few weeks not really feeling the inspiration I normally get when I have had time running with her.
I never noticed that Rainbow in the fens before
 I have been focusing on Grouseman the assassin Rogue who is on life 17 and each life I have been able to take completionist has been a little easier than when he didn't have it. I am now taking him through his first epic life now. It was always my intention that completionist and a plus five supreme tome would be a priority before starting epic lives as part of the project. Grouseman has another 30 heroic lives minimum so plenty of time to get the epic lives done as well.
Spot the difference
The next 30 lives will be Racial Reincarnation although I expect the number will be at least 34 before I get there. As I have said before I am not a fan of playing warforged so I intend to cheat my way through the 3 lives with stones of experience and to anyone who buys an Otto box my personal suggestion is save the use for a race or class you don't get much enjoyment from. I know roughly the point I need to take the stone so will grind the early levels as either a warlock or artificer. Certainly no way I feel up to taking them through epic, bad enough getting through the early lives as it is, just a personal opinion but my Iconic Ziggy has not got the play time I originally intended.

I will save ranger till last as the plan seems to be tempest ranger as a final life (if that ever happens). So 34 lives of racial before finishing but make every class triple completionist. I have made kukri's Grouseman's focus and will carry on making the best Kukri's I can find into absolute stars with festival icy burst or any other improvement I can find. I am now searching for critical slashing at the auction house a lot. I have other characters that have been parked for a while as I work on Grouseman.
If you didn't get it first time try again
Now whilst Grouseman is a fun assassin rogue dual wielding Kukris sometimes you just have to stop and have a break. It is convenient to do the break with Grousemerlin  as it is never hard to find the other one when I stop for a change of pace. Merlin is working through the Desert having just finished the 7,500 slays in the Fens and 1,500 in Ataraxia. As a solo player a lot of the time the wilderness feels a better option rather than quest and it is easier to break off at will rather than the need to finish a quest.
See token of the twelve (in joke)
Finally my signature hair colour has always been white but I have been picking up hair dye a lot so decided to go different colours for fun when I can.

Happy Grinding