Monday, 6 February 2017

Don't Fear The Reaper

Like I wouldn't have taken this opportunity.... Saw them back in 1983, incredible live show. And now on to the reason your reading this.
Okay time to power up the lift, I am not doing step aerobics
Firstly I want to talk about the new quest Tower of Frost which you get in the Market Place, the quest for which flaming weapons were completely designed. The quest is level 14 on normal and after the first run where you will get turned around it becomes a little easier. Only tried it on heroic so no idea how stressful the epic version would be but so far so good. I only have a couple of characters that are in the right level range to run it so guess there may be more on this in the future. First time round I was running with my preferred Scimitars and realised that festival icy burst is the least suitable ability for a weapon to have in the quest. Fortunately I had a pair of flaming burst Scimitars to use. I did get the rune arm first time round and know a little Gnome that will benefit from it when he hits level 14. So guildie we will need to run this till you get the rune arm for your artificer.
Not telling you all the things you need to do to get here. Minimal Spoilers
The quest itself is relatively straight forward kill everything on the way up, rob the place blind of any treasure you find and pull lots of levers. And I do mean pull lots of levers, the theater area is a challenge to produce a story using the different options on the 3 stages. If like I did first time you pull lots and lots and lots of levers till you get the right combo on each stage you weren't listening to the magic mouth. Make each stage look part of the production and don't stare at the succubus! I am never sure what the plural is to that as she can appear on different stages. You work your way up the stairs as the Cannith made lift has no magic running through it to power it till you are finished climbing all the stairs. There is a puzzle at the end for you to figure out to power up the lift. Fun and once you get the hang of the play easier than expected.
At this point you really hope hirelings have been lucky and appeared with flame weapons
Secondly I want to briefly mention the reason for the title of this piece, Reaper level. To try it out and to try and take it easy to start my guildie and I went and ran the 4 Depth Quests on Reaper 1 skull and then on 2 skulls. Okay we went a few levels over to just try and get the hang of it and we both died, me twice. More a case of me not reading up before hand about the healing so we failed to not fear lol. Seriously though I was thinking why would I spend the time doing reaper when it doesn't really do that much more experience than doing it on elite and more importantly to me doesn't take the favour beyond what you would get on elite. I play 3 games and sort of click on anther facebook game and taking time that doesn't benefit my characters more than the elite version would apart from cosmetics, well with 27 characters to work on and 22 expecting to have multiple lives it killed the drive to do reaper. I haven't even read up on a reaper bravery bonus as yet either.
Look at the cute panda bottom right photo bombing. Note to self find more flaming weapons
But for some people who find the whole thing way to easy I am sure they are going to enjoy reaper and the cosmetics it offers. And I get to play a favourite track in my head every time I try reaper (which wont be that often).

Happy Unfreezing