Wednesday, 5 July 2017

It Ain't Easy

One of the things that freaks me out when watching streams or videos playing it is the number of hotbars people have open. I find it easier when there are only one or two hot bars open including the active one that you are keyboard bashing. I know everyone has a different way to play and it makes for differing approaches on how to kill monsters. So my left hand deals with the numbers and my right deals with movement.

Easy to remember hot bar.
Now for example lets look at the combat set up for Ziggy the bladeforged, this is relatively easy because I limited the number of combat keystrokes. 1 = Avenging Cleave, 2 = Exalted Cleave, 3 = Strike Down, 4 = Exalted Smite, 5 = Holy Retribution and 6 = Divine Sacrifice. The other keys are healing focused. I know many players will point out that strike down has a longer cool down and should probably be further up the numbers. However the damage between 1/2/3 should clear a lot of mob trash. Now this is my personal style and I am not a big fan of clickies... using a charge from an item is fine if you are not having to swap in one item for another.
Non combat spells.
It is strange when you consider how complicated the game can be at the best of times but this really adds to having to think long and deep about what you need. I do understand as running the Grey Moon Waning chain I realised I could really do with more elemental protection for my warlock and perhaps I need to make clickies and have a hot bar. But this is a real issue for someone who is a little older and on some heavy duty meds. So I simplify where possible.
You should avoid these spells hitting you
Now Merlin is doing a sorcerer life (4th one) which was meant to be his last however with racial reincarnation I have had to make new plans. However still want it simple so I have the defensive spells on 1 and cycle through to 2 for the combat of helpful spells. It is really to make it simple for me and it seems to work. 1 = Ball Lightning, 2 = Electric Loop, 3 = Sonic Blast, 4 = Lightning Bolt, 5 = Frost Lance, 6 = Fireball, 7 = wall of fire, 8 = Knock. at level 9/10 I tend to grind the Stormcleave quest will just a Hireling most mornings about 9am UK time.
Layout works for me
I have worked with many hotbars on the board but get distracted and often missed the bar I want. So for me simplification is the best approach to dealing with speeding things up especially in combat. NOT saying may way is the best just if you struggle with too many hotbars maybe the simple way is he easiest way.

Enjoy you Questing.