Monday, 22 August 2016

Prisons to Purify

Music choice this week is more to do with the theme rather than loving the band or song. Sundara Karma are interesting and indie pop rock but the song title fits so well I had to use it

So normally I write about Eberron, I am a real novice in the Forgotten Realms. However I am working on my 13 life Sorcerer and want to complete everything I can with him for a change. So normally I would skip Wheloon Prison which although I have the Shadowfell Conspriscy expansion pack I have barely touched. I would jump straight from Orchard to the Vale of Twilight. Decision made though time I taught myself the roofs and paths of Wheloon Prison.
Almost 1500 at this point

I am still to deal with the quests which has put me at a disadvantage because some of the areas require quest completion to unlock the areas. So grind the first 1500 slays which is where I am at the moment, I find it strange that chain lighning is effective but not as much as expected. Still electic loop works well and the stunning effect help my Owlbear and Cleric get some slaying in rather than the usual 90% of kills being down to me. At least I am able to plan where and when I will do thuings but I am slow in learning this wilderness. The high Road and even Kings forest has presented no real issue but now I need to learn Wheloon and Stormhorns.
Not a red sky and not sure what it means to Sorcerers rather than Shephards

Interesting how we become accustomed to quests and wildernesses and will avoid new stuff and grind what is familiar. I have drifted into other games but DDO is a constant be it 15 minutes or 5 hours in a day. I need the new challenge which I have avoided for so long to draw me back into ddo. Although the drifting in and out shadowfell is strange at first and probably does nothing for my migraines (although meds seem to have eased that issue). I am switching between electric and cold attacks to find what works best for what.
Time to refresh the blue stuff
My intention is to take 3 hours of major slayer boost and smash the 3000 slays as quickly as possible. Depending on how close to having to level up that leaves me I will base the next stage on the result. In all probability I will level up to 17 and then do the quests in and around the prison. Running with a hireling cleric and an owlbear should be enough although as I don't know the quests adding a gold seal cleric or favoured soul may be wise to avoid breaking my bravery bonus streak. After you get past 150 you do want to be sure you avoid having to start all over again. Plus I have no inclanation on another reincarnation for Merlin. 13 lives has achieved the key targets so I just want to run through as much as I can. Learn the route in Wheloon and the quests there.

As my guildie didn't buy shadowfell this is a little me ddo. We have new quests in Eberron to do soon so looking forward to that as I decided it would be much more fun if we were both clueless rather than me shouting about things that you would only know having done the quest.

Happy escaping the prison


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