Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The Boys Are Back In Town

The Boys Are Back In Town

As people may have noticed I am an irregular poster, especially true at the moment as I am missing my guildie. I am playing daily and currently grinding my way through Gianthold and getting close to the 9000 slays, which I completed before I posted this. It has been slower than usual as I am running down the existing slayer boosts that Merlin has, it came as a surprise when I had 12 hours of minor slayer count boost. So now down at 10 hours I am missing how quickly I can clear under the infuence of Major Slayer boost.
Some rares occur less often than others
Now the mathematics of the slayer boost is understandable but I have admit sometimes the way calculations are done is confusing. With Slayer Boosts I would go with Major every time but with Guild renown elixir I prefer the lesser, I would rather buy 25 lesser than any other option. Still given all the things in the game I still spending fairly regularly which is what I guess the powers that be want out of their VIPs. I just wish I could get my head round who wrote the calaculations for the effects of some of the elixirs and at what point they gave up on simple maths.
Gianthold has paid quite well
Now I have only really played Merlin recently and he is ready to level to 16, so of course I am not going to do that until he has maxed out and can power level. But this is the problem with having so many alts, even when you have made a decision to concentrate on one character for a while you get a guilt trip over the rest of the boys. So over the next few days I will dive in and play with some of those characters I haven't touched for a while. Certainly Conan will get some attention and as I intend to push him hard I am going to dive into my store of cookies to help him achieve a bit of monster bashing with his stick (quarterstaff).
Only 2 accounts linked to the guild and some characters who haven't been touched since the anniversary event
Merlin is still the priority though at least till I get him to epic! I can slow down then and have more fun with him on working through the monster manual. And there in lies one of the keys to why I am focusing on the lesser slayer boost as the bonus slays don't count towards the monster kills. If they did I would be burning through even more slayer boosts.
All Done



  1. Far and few between but always a great writing and perfect music! :-)
    Missing you too! Will be back to gaming soon, hopefully..
    Stop time so I can get on our ship ;-)

    Happy Early Birthday,, Loves Ya

    1. I missed losing you in the middle of a quest, the sooner you are back regularly on the airship the better.

      Beer and dancing girls are fun but would rather have more time with you for my birthday.