Friday, 12 January 2018

Victims of the Future

So sitting here assessing the 28 characters I currently have and the future of these characters. Some will become victims of my plans and look unlikely to feature in the forthcoming year. I am not an end game player yet, my focus has been and will continue to be building characters for end game but mainly just to enjoy playing. So what I am doing is putting to paper so to speak those characters I am going to work with consistently over the next year or so. I am going to reincarnate several for the first time but this is to set them for guild renown weekends where I farm my favourite renown quests. So here we go with characters I will play a lot of this year.

Been playing since Europe merged so not to bad
 GrouseMan:- Having the completionist feat I am now working towards 33 lives so we get completionist racially. I know there isn't a feat or reward for this but time to kick through the rewards for race. He has been a assassin focused rogue but planning his future I am looking at a kukri wielding tempest ranger. Racially not sure what would be best but I can test over the next few lives. I have 6 Otto boxes to help as I am not a warforged fan so will only do heroic lives with them and get through as quickly as possible.
I like this big ugly but guess he needs to race a bit
Grouseconan:- My Half Orc barbarian, current he is a fighter and has two more barbarian lives to go. In terms of racial lives Dwarf, Half Orc and Warforged. Once again the boxes will allow me to skip through the wooden lives much quicker (and if you want to debate wood versus squishy happy to do so on another blog piece. I could probably get to where I want with Conan inside this year if I focus on him. Certainly the new Mists of Ravenloft covers ranking for him in a way that is a lot more enjoyable than previously. I have probably killed over 50,000 in the Red Fens nice to have an alternative.
At least this is well under way?
GrouseMerlin:- Currently on his third human life after completing three favoured soul, three Warlock, three Wizard and three Sorcerer. Merlin will need the three Human lives along with three Aasimar, three Drow, three Elf, three Halfing, three Gnome and Four Dragonborn. Yes my intention is to have Merlin finish as a Dragonborn Sorcerer. This could be the most fun character in terms of end game performance.
Doesn't look much compared to the others but this one is for fun.
GrouseYogi:- Originally I was only intending to run one druid bear form life but decided to go for three past artificer lives. I need to make this my priority so Yogi can work with my guildie and her Suzy druid. So will be logging in daily for this one, Once I am in the fens and mists I will blast through levels as I am very comfortable so far with both and see no issues of using wildernesses to help level me quickly, yes I do get through a lot of slayer boosts.

So whilst I have a lot of characters that will have multiple lives these are the four that will get most focus, probably I will get through Yogi by mid Feb, sort of appropriate that Yogi and Suzy can run together again, I hope by Valentines.

Heading back to Barovia with Yogi after the weekend.

Happy Hunting


  1. You certainly have your clan of toons well figured out it seems for your goals of the new year! :-)
    I have no doubt you will reach those goals.
    Now if I can just reach one reincarnation, that would be a miracle for me, LOL.
    Looking forward to playing more and playing the mists, especially for the amounts of slays!!
    Thanks so much for my wonderful gift.
    This will be a very active year.
    Loves Ya guildie..

    1. Looking forward to losing you when stopping the pie makers. Finding things in there is weird.
      You will get your first reincarnation and then you will want another for the 36 point build and then you never know lol.
      Loves YA