Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Skate Away

So it is the time of year for my personal favourite event the ice games. A chance to add a few weapons to the guild chest and my own personal store, actually not true really only storing some as I may have over done it. I went stone cold crazy as I have mastered the Leaky Dinghy leap and had over 5m plat in the bank. It is also the time of year I get to tease my guildie abut her skating, she is not as bad as I make out when you consider the amount of time I get to practice. And skating with her is something I could happily do all year.
Need more space, too much equipment
 However I ended up with 76 weapons that have had festival ice burst on them plus two outfits one with fire resistance and one I over did with the glaciation boost, I will scale it back before the event finishes I hope. I have already got 5000 motes of winter stored for next year so I will look to pick up outfits and armour to play with for next year. However I have focused on my weapons, primarily Kukris, Khopeshes, Scimitars, Rapiers, Daggers, Falchions and Dwarven Axes. I have enough spares now that any melee or divine I want to arm should have enough weapons at lower levels that it is fun dropping monsters.
Just before I fill it up completely
I focus mainly on the Scimitars, Kukris, Falchions and Rapiers simply because the ease to extend and improve damage with the festival boost. They have a 15% chance to cause a critical hit plus when toons get their improved attack (Slashing or Piercing) it takes it up to 30% which makes it in real terms pretty likely that you will do critical damage in a drawn out fight. I have focused on critical slashing and piercing weapons so there is yet more damage. I miss the old burst weapons but I had a store of weapons to work on from the auction house.
Riding a Polar bear
It has caused a bit of an issue with the plans of getting Yogi to his druid life but I have made some Festival Icy Burst repeating crossbows. I view it any damage I can add from events is worthwhile so no matter what the naysayers are talking apart this is an event I love, enough that it has taken me away from Ravenloft. However the event is finishing, I have Yogi close to being on track and I have enough weapons to arms a small army.
And speaking of small armies Grouseken the dwarven dual axe wielder has annoyed me. I really don't like the name and want a 6 letter name that I can prefix or suffix with Grouse, he makes me think of Barbie of all things so please help me rename the bugger.



  1. LOL, I am all set for next season of skating!! Will be getting jumping potions, Ahahhahahaha, I will get those purple and whatever colors that you get ;-p
    Another fun post and incredible how you always find the music to match!
    I am done skating for the season and look forward to playing with Trippi :-)

    OK, yes you need to get rid of the Ken and Barbie syndrome, LOL.
    Well, some good names can come out of GoT!
    You can tweak the names to put "Grouse" in front but 2 come to mind. Areo Hotah was an axe wielder, so you can be GrouseHotah or something like that, LOL.
    Or you can go the other way with the dwarf!! And that is easy with Tyrion!! GrouseTyrion or GrousePeter, LOL
    Just some to think about. You have so many toons and they all have great names. Surely you don't need help ;-)
    See you soon.. I love that :-)

    1. Okay I will have a little think and if any readers come up with something be nice to see.