Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Change of Heart

So an excuse to listen to Bruce Dickinson happens because I am changing my DDO focus. Originally I was going to focus on several toons, but I have picked up GrouseMerlin again using the Shocking Forum Post that I ground in the Anniversary Event and he is just so much fun.
Enough Power?
So Merlin is my Air Savant Sorcerer and I will be focusing on him when soloing. Obviously Charisma is the key factor for playing any sorcerer but I have tried to keep a high constitution and dexterity for hit points and defence. At level nine Merlin's lightning bolt hits for around 145 as standard and is an absolute blessing. Electric loop will kill mobs easily and even sonic blast is effective at chewing up the trash. I am more than happy to just take a cleric with me most of the time. I will be running the red fens for the next couple of levels until I am ready to get back into the Mists.
Does water mix with Electric?
So Air Savant and all that but also taken Water as my secondary choice so fire and acid are not choices I will make as I go on. Air Savant gets feather falling as an ability in the enhancement tree and Water Savant gets water breathing so that frees up equipment usage and I am not having to either switch items or tie up an item with these abilities. The other nice thing is these enhancements are primarily passive so I am not constantly clicking abilities and spells. Makes life a lot simpler to have one active set of combat hot keys.
Three times each class past life.
So Merlin is through 12 past heroic lives and now on his third human life. This will be the first time I take an epic past life so this guy will be running for a lot of the year. After completing the next 21 levels the intention is to run three elf lives next, then half elf and I will see where I am at that point. I would say at the moment one shotting a lot of monsters with lightning bolt is refreshing and I will continue to push to maximise the effectiveness of Merlin. He will pick up his next version of the event club next level and it will be nice seeing how much difference in real terms that make. Doing damage that is over two times the maximum listed at the top end of the spell one level below that maximum is a grin bringer.
Will put an augment in next time around.
So finally yes I haven't find the right augment to use at this low level, I have a bag full with my mule Bard. it is finding what I am lacking and filling that augment slot with the key need at the level he will be when he starts using the club. Just nice to have cover at the lower levels whilst waiting till I can activate enhancement abilities. I am enjoying blasting enemies quickly with very little drama and Merlin has become so enjoyable that I just want to run him as much as possible.

I will be running GrouseYogi for a little longer as he is 100k experience short of where I want to park him but that is easily done in the next week or two.

Have fun



  1. He is so hot and electrifying ;-)
    You have made the perfect sorcerer in him with what you want.
    So very powerful, just like you :-)

    1. Well he is fun to play with and when I am not with you in game he makeas the monsters pay :D