Tuesday, 17 April 2018

In The Face of Evil

So I don't write regularly and certainly not one to write to schedules, I only write when something comes along and slaps me in the face. If you are new to the blog I try to start every blog piece with a bit of music that has a tenuous link to what I am writing about. I saw a picture and comments about Paladins and suddenly got the urge to write about my Sword and Board Paladin. I currently have three Paladins but expect the number to drop to two as one is going to be my Iconic completionist with the intention he will finish as a Gnome. Of the other two GrouseRoland is two handed using primarily falchions where as GrouseSturm is my sword and board being bastard sword and tower shield. This isn't too difficult first life as human sees my getting that extra feat.
Should have called him SpookyMcSpooky
Obviously most people will build their Paladins around the weapon preference so choosing a deity was strange as when Sturm was created the deity Helm wasn't even a remote option. What will be a real issue is the fact I will do racial reincarnation and either have to put the swords and shields by till the next time I run a life that is suited or not use the favoured weapon. I look forward to reincarnating Sturm for his second life as it will give me a chance to play with options that were not available when I first rolled him. I have crafted a lot of swords using festival Icy Burst either on other burst weapons or on critical slashing weapons.

So obviously Sturm is gimpy this life, I knew this but I wanted a character that could use hand and a half weapons and as we don't have broad swords in game the bastard sword is probably closest to how I envisaged Sturm and the weapon of choice. The concept of should he remain human in his final life is years away but doesn't stop me planning at the moment for him to end as dragonborn or Aasimar. I will have fun working down the path and keep the last three lives as Human, Aasimar and Dragonborn before choosing how to finish him. I will not plan to give him completionist as that would take me far to far into the future even if I started now. My own completionist took three years before racial options came into play so going to not add that to the racial choices here.
Smash Mouth style brawler?
I will come back to this post each time I reincarnate Sturm so any suggestions, ideas or guidance from Paladin experts will be gratefully received. I would prefer not to change weapons and shield but will not disregard opinions because of that just would prefer this guy to go down the bastard sword and tower shield route in the same way I would prefer GrouseMouser to stick with a rapier and dagger (we don't have poniards so stuck with dagger), weapons and behaviour of the character based on views from books or films or whims but I do like the concept of playing characters based on my reading including bad behaviour but I ramble. Seriously I want to eventually finish with a well rounded character including racial and class reincarnations.

So any ideas? Any choices I should make in race or class to enure the character works? Dragonborn and Half Elf are no brainers but what else? I have VIP and have no intention of ever dropping that so it is just a case of best build for end game with least lives lived so to speak.


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